Playing with Candy Brings Huge NFT Rewards!!

The Space Candy Store is an arcade. Users can have fun playing mini-games using Candies earned from different games. NFTs obtained through mini-games can be exchanged for Tokens.

Space Candy Store

Better Ways to Enjoy SCS

Currently, you can earn Candy by playing either Brave Nine or A.V.A We are in the process of preparing a diverse game lineup and mini-games.

The detailed information about SCS game guidelines can be found in Intella X Service DOCS.

Click here to see the guide.

You can enjoy sweet rewards with a single CANDY!

All three mini-games are user-friendly and accessible to everyone. You (Users) will receive NFTs by Tiers, with a 100% distribution rate through the mini-games. Plus, keep in mind to exchange your NFTs for Tokens!!