Go beyond your Gaming Imagination

Intella X Adventure introduces a distinctive gaming platform protocol available exclusively through Intella X. Every move and action you take holds significance, contributing to the platform and earning you rewards based on your active participation.


What is provided by Intella X Adventure?

Intella X Adventure is a groundbreaking Web3 platform.
By completing missions, users are rewarded with $IX Token.

The Adventure

Explore IX Adventure at Intella X

Welcome to IX Adventure at Intella X, where unity and engagement in both traditional and Web3 gaming ignite unparalleled experiences. Our ethos drives us to blend the excitement of classic gaming with the rewards of the digital token economy through IX Adventure. This innovative system rewards both team collaboration and individual efforts in gameplay and on-chain activities. Embrace the adventure, solo or with a crew, and earn $IX tokens as you contribute to our vibrant ecosystem. IX Adventure is where gaming passion meets reward.


Seasonal Points System

Intella X Adventure operates on a seasonal points system, where points earned during a specific season must be claimed as rewards within that season.

Participate in various Adventure activities and enjoy the opportunity for a $IX Airdrop.

Mission Platform

A special Misson page for you to take your initial chance of obtaining $IX. Various actions including games, on-chain actions, socials are included. Secure your missions for $IX.

ERCC : Meow Simulator

Ever dreamed of having your own virtual cat? A virtual + Social Cat Raising simulator provided by ERCC. $IX rewards are waiting for the real Cat lovers..