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Ushering in a new era of Web3 gaming platform with disruptive innovations.
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Crypto wallet for blockchain gaming
Access all of the Intella X services and features right from your hand. Features include DEX, NFT Marketplace, Launchpad, Bridge and more!
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Intella X DEX
Trade and manage a variety of digital assets precisely and intuitively. Swapping, staking, providing liquidity, and even accessing the bridge can be done right on your phone. Also gain access to exclusive game tokens on the proprietary DEX.
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NFT Marketplace & Launchpad
Get first-hand access to game NFTs and other PFP projects through the NFT Marketplace. Or participate in whitelist, INO, minting events on the exclusive NFT Launchpad.
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$10M Gaming Initiative Grant Program
Ushering in a new era of Web3 gaming, one developer at a time.
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Intella X WEB3 Gaming Ecosystem

From mobile to PC, and across all genres, experience first-hand the next generation of
Web3 gaming projects right here on Intella X.



Game Partners

  • neowiz
  • arumgames
  • blue potion
  • hidea
  • massive gaming
  • coinmusme

Platform / Ecosystem Partners

  • polygon
  • avalanche
  • aptos
  • consensys
  • modori
  • ozys
  • web3auth
  • dmtp
  • spaceport
  • kanalabs
  • chainlink
  • mercuryo

Security & Audit Partners

  • certik
  • haechi
  • theori

Marketing / Community Partners

  • ygg
  • indigg
  • pacific-meta
  • ancient8

Investment Partners

  • animoca brands
  • big brain holdings
  • block crafters capital
  • bora network
  • crit ventures
  • gcr
  • joycity
  • kaura
  • kracker
  • kross lab
  • magic eden
  • mobirix
  • neon
  • ozys
  • pearlabyss
  • planetarium
  • polygon
  • wemix
  • widus partners
  • xlgames
  • neowiz

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